Cloud Computing


Blockchain is a hot topic within the industry right now as more and more organizations are using the technology
to process cryptocurrency payments between different parties.

This ‘Introduction to Blockchain’ course has been designed to explain what the technology is and how it works at
a high level. You will build an awareness of Blockchain technology and how it can be used to process
cryptocurrency transactions across an open and distributed ledger.

By the end of this course, you will also be able to determine how Blockchain can support your business

This course is made up of just one lecture and requires no previous knowledge of or experience with Blockchain

Amazon Web Service

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a full suite of cloud computing products that allow developers to build all sorts of robust online experiences. In this course, we’ll give a brief overview of the various services that make up AWS, explaining how they work together. This specialization gives current or aspiring IT professionals an overview of the features, benefits, and capabilities of Amazon Web Services (AWS). As you proceed through this course, you will gain a more vivid understanding of core AWS services, key AWS security concepts, strategies for migrating from on-premises to AWS, and basics of building serverless applications with AWS. Additionally, you
will have opportunities to practice what you have learned by completing labs and exercises developed by AWS technical instructors.

Increasingly Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are being referred to as the engines of growth and are fundamentally changing the way organizations do business.

In this course, Microsoft Azure API Management Essentials, you’ll learn about using Azure API Management service to ensure that your current and future APIs can reach the fullest potential.

First, you’ll learn why you should use API Management, and how to manage your API with Azure API Management.
Next, you’ll learn how to protect your API with rate limits and how to add caching to improve API performance.
Then, you’ll learn about policies in API Management and C# based Policy Expressions.
Finally, you’ll learn about security in API Management.
By the end of this course, you’ll have a solid understanding of Azure API Management, its key capabilities, and how to host and secure your API (internal and external).