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Certificate course in Computer Aided Civil Engineering

This course enables the development, modification, and optimization of the design process. Civil engineers use to create base maps. It supports the creation of better construction documentation. CACE was seen as a pleasure rather than a need in the civil engineering sector.

Syllabus outline:
Paper-I : Basic Mathematics (AS PER SYLLABUS).
Paper-II : Applied Mechanics (AS PER SYLLABUS).
Paper-III : Office automation (As per FOC and CAC Syllabus with Advanced MS-Office).
Paper-IV : Practical / Seminar (AS PER SYLLABUS).
Paper-I : Building Construction (AS PER SYLLABUS).
Paper-II : Concrete Technology (AS PER SYLLABUS).
Paper-III : Civil Drawing (AS PER SYLLABUS).
Paper-IV : Practical / Seminar
Paper-I : Highway & Transportation Engineering (AS PER SYLLABUS).
Paper-II : Soil & Foundation Engineering (AS PER SYLLABUS).
Paper-III : Suveying & Levelling (AS PER SYLLABUS).
Paper-IV : Practical / Seminar 2
Paper-I : Irrigation Engineering (AS PER SYLLABUS).
Paper-II : Township Planning (AS PER SYLLABUS).
Paper-III : Project & Vastu
Paper-IV : Practical / Seminar
Course Features
Certification Approved in 82 Countries
Placement assistance
Free placement training
Certified faculties
Lifetime lab access
High tech lab
Course Duration    : 2 Years
Eligibility                : 10th above
Tools : AutoCAD
Exam Duration : 2.30 hrs.
Pre Requirements :Basic Computer